8 ways to make sure you’re not losing money on poor content

Poor content can be a costly mistake for your business. It’s easy to overlook the importance of quality content when you’re in the middle of a busy workday and need something to post on social media or send an email blast with, but this is one time where it pays off to take the time and invest in good writing.

Writing blog posts is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It’s where people go to find out more about what you have to offer, and if they like what they read, it could mean an increase in traffic, followers or customers!

poor content

For that reason, the content you write is extremely important, and here are eight ways to make sure you’re not losing money on poor content.

Ways You can Lose Money On Poor Content

What are some of the things that are costing you money?

Bad Titles

A title is one of the first things that someone sees when they are looking at your content. If it doesn’t catch their attention, you might lose them before they even read an article.

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find popular keywords for titles and descriptions so that people will see your post more often.

Writing Biased Content

Some people write content that they believe to be true but it isn’t. People can tell when you don’t have a lot of experience and will not trust your judgement.

Make sure all of the claims in your content are backed up with sources or statistics from reliable research studies, otherwise it’s best to leave those points out entirely.

The start of your content should also be written objectively so that you can capture the attention of people who are looking for more than just an opinion.

A good idea is to write a draft and then go back later on to remove any subjective opinions or emotionally charged language. If something doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t accurate information.

Overused phrases that might not be accurate.

Remember, if it sounds too good or bad to be true then there’s a chance people will think so too.

If you want to avoid being discredited as an author of unreliable information, always make sure to start with the facts. If you can’t back up a claim, leave it out and only use statements that are research-based or data supported.

Be very careful when using hyperboles in your writing because they might give off an inaccurate impression of what is being described . It’s best to avoid those descriptions if possible as well.

Using numbers and statistics is a good way to provide support for what you are saying.

Make sure that those numbers or percentages come from an accurate source though because otherwise they might not be seen as trustworthy. If possible, use sources like published research studies so people can look up the original information themselves if they want more data about it later on.

8 ways to make sure you're not losing money on poor content

Poor Formatting of Blog Posts/Content

Another thing that can make you lose money is if your content looks unprofessional.

When people look at your posts, they should be able to tell right away whether or not it was written by a professional and an amateur. If there are spelling mistakes, grammar errors and formatting issues then the reader might question how much experience you have as well as your credibility.

Use a program that will check for spelling errors and grammar mistakes before you post it so you can fix those things right away.

If possible, have someone else look over the content as well to see if they notice any formatting or layout issues which might be causing problems too. Once everything is fixed up then people should be able to read and understand your content easily.

Be sure that the images you use in posts are high-quality as well because those can make a difference too. If there is no image available, don’t post it until one becomes available later on.

It might be worth paying for professional illustrations or graphics if they will help attract more people to your posts.

You can also hire a professional to help you edit and format the content before it is posted online too so that everything looks nice and clean when people read through it for the first time.

Some people write content that they believe to be true but it isn’t. People can tell when you don’t have a lot of experience and will not trust your judgement.

Make sure all of the claims in your content are backed up with sources or statistics from reliable research studies, otherwise it’s best to leave those points out entirely.

Using Industry Jargon

When writing blog posts, never use jargon or buzzwords unless absolutely necessary since these terms tend to confuse a customer who may have no idea what you’re talking about if used too much throughout a post.

If you need to use industry jargon, try explaining the term first and then give a brief description after.

Jargon also makes it more difficult for search engines to understand what your post is about too if used excessively which can make them less likely to show up in searches since they don’t follow normal grammatical rules of writing as well.

You should also avoid jargon when hiring someone to write your blog posts for you as well.

If they can’t explain what they’re doing in simple, easy-to-understand terms then there’s a good chance that content won’t be very helpful or useful to anyone either which will hurt the author’s credibility.

Poor Content Quality

Making sure that your content is high quality can be difficult if you don’t have much experience but it’s important to make the extra effort.

If there are spelling mistakes, grammar errors or formatting issues then people might not trust what you say in your posts.

It also may seem like you aren’t interested in providing good information for anyone to read if you don’t fix those mistakes right away which can cause the reader to lose interest in your posts too.

Another thing that makes content not worth buying is when it isn’t helpful or interesting either.

People want good information but they also want something entertaining so there are no reasons for them to dislike what they’re reading. If it’s just all facts then they are less likely to get anything out of it either.

Make sure that the information you post is useful, interesting or entertaining in some way so people can read through your posts more than once and learn something new every time too!

Exactly What Should You do to Make Sure You are Not losing Money on Poor Content

Here are some content marketing tips that will ensure you do not spend money on content for your business when advertising a product or service only to realize it is of no tangible value.

8 ways to make sure you're not losing money on poor content

The Content Should Obey the Rules Of SEO

Keep an eye out for related keywords. Keywords are important to making sure your content is found by the right people, but it’s also extremely helpful in determining what types of content you should be offering.

If you have a product that centers around home renovation, then giving homeowners tips on how to complete their own renovations might not create enough interest for them to purchase your product. However, if you also give homeowners ideas on how to sell their renovated homes they may be more inclined to consider purchasing a home renovation service or even something else offered by your company.

The Content Should Be Relatable To Your Target Audience

This means that the content should not only appeal to those interested in the product, but also those who are not. This is a great way to get more people on board with your company and create brand advocates that can spread the word for you.

For instance, if you sell candles then writing about candle scents may only be helpful to current customers while creating non-customers uninterested in purchasing such items or services from your business. However, by focusing on how burning candles help reduce stress levels it will appeal to both of these audiences and potentially gain new leads and sales opportunities as well.

The Content Should Contain Tools To Help Your Customers Reach Their Goals

Your content should provide value outside of just being interesting reading material for potential clients or consumers. By offering tips, advice and other information regarding ways they can reach their goals, you will create content that is worth more than the price tag put on it.

For example, if a new company specializing in organic foods decides to offer tips for ways clients can eat healthier through cooking and preparing food at home they are providing valuable information without having to spend a lot of money creating a product or service themselves.

The Content Should Give Your Customers The Ability To Take Action On What They’ve Read Or Watched

Don’t make your customers hunt down what they need from your business when purchasing your products or services because no one likes wasting time looking around. Provide them with materials such as coupons, discounts and even contact forms so they know exactly where to go and they finish reading up on what you have to offer.

This way, they are more likely to seek out your business for what it offers rather than simply moving on without giving you a second thought. At the very least, these individuals will be aware of who provides them with this information and can provide referrals if necessary.

The Content Should Be Relevant To The Products Or Services You Offer

A lot of businesses make the mistake by writing about topics or sharing content that is relevant to their product or service but not necessarily helpful in gaining new leads or increasing sales.

For example, paying attention to trends such as pop culture references may seem like an easy way to gain readership because people enjoy reading about things that interest them; however, constantly talking about celebrities can often turn away readers who are not interested in such topics.

8 ways to make sure you're not losing money on poor content

The Content Should Be Relevant To The Time Of Year

There is no sense in spending money on content that will only be relevant for a short amount of time. For example, if you offer a seasonal product like Christmas lights then your blog posts should reflect the seasonality as well by offering ideas to decorate homes or giving tutorials about how to make homemade holiday crafts and treats.

If this same company were to write articles hoping their readers would enjoy them year round it would not be an efficient use of resources because they know most people search for information related to this time of year specifically. Thus, why send potential customers away when they may decide never to again until the next holiday?

The content should showcase your knowledge and authority

The content you put out there should not only be interesting to read but useful as well. You want your audience to see that this information is valuable because it comes from someone who knows what they are talking about and does so on a regular basis.

This will show that even though you may have hired an outside company or individual, the resources available for their use were worth every penny spent due to how knowledgeable the creators are regarding certain topics related to business.

As part of your blogging services you can create engaging blog posts with these qualities in mind so no matter which one of these factors matters most, your business will always come out looking like a leader within its industry.

The quality content shouldn’t be stuffed with industry jargon or buzzwords.

The content should not be boring or dry, it needs to have a tone of voice that is engaging and relatable by the right audience for your business.

Effective SEO keywords will help people find you online through search engines like Google so make sure they are included in every blog post without overusing them within each piece of writing because this can come across as spam instead.

When customers know what to expect from reading your blog posts (whether it’s useful information, an entertaining read or both) they will no longer see value in looking elsewhere which means more sales for your company!

The content should make your business look easy to navigate and well organized.

Make sure the content has a logical flow to it that makes sense for your audience. When reading through each post they should be able to tell where one blog ends and another begins without getting lost or confused as to what you are trying to say.

The Content Should Be Optimized For Mobile Readability

Along with writing quality content, make sure everything is easy on the eyes by creating blog posts that are sized properly for mobile users who may need access while out in public places like shopping centers or parks instead of sitting at home behind their computer screen.

This way people can still stay up-to-date about products even if they do not have time to sit down and read long articles online during normal business hours!

Content that is well-researched

The blog post content should be interesting and engaging for readers so they stay interested in what your company has to offer.

When writing a list, avoid numbers and bullet points because people want their eyes on actual written words rather than structured pieces organized into numbered lists which can come off as unprofessional if done incorrectly.

Just imagine how frustrated someone would get after reading an article just filled with bullets instead of normal text! Even though it may take a little bit longer, why not make sure your blog posts are readable and professional?

Content should be written in a way that makes it easy to read for the audience.

For example, using short sentences with shorter paragraphs will create less of an intimidating feeling when reading through each piece and keep their attention too!

This is because many people avoid long articles due to how daunting they can be but by breaking things down into smaller pieces throughout your post you’ll not only engage readers more effectively but also encourage them to continue on even further. All while making it easier for everyone involved.

original content

When creating blog posts to publish onto your company’s website, make sure they are original and unique from anything currently online already.

In order to do this you’ll need a good writer or team behind the scenes who can conduct research about what is hot within each industry at a given time in a place like New York City where there could be hundreds of other businesses running similar strategies already.

To become a market leader in your industry, you’ll need to stand out from the rest so having original content will be key!

Grammatically accurate

Blog posts shouldn’t have any spelling or grammar errors within them either because this can come across as unprofessional and sloppy if done incorrectly which leads people to lose interest in what you are trying to say.

Always make sure your blog posts are proofread before they go live too!

Make it easy for readers to follow along with each published piece of writing by creating content that is outlined properly based on the current industry standards and building blocks used within New York City. If done correctly, this will not only make your business look more professional but will also help you to gain a greater online presence as well.


Content marketing is a powerful way to generate leads and sales, but it can also be costly if you’re not careful. With this in mind, here are 8 ways that you can ensure your content marketing strategy doesn’t suffer from poor quality without sacrificing the effectiveness of your campaign:

  • Hire professional writers with strong writing skills such like ours at writers access
  • Create an editorial calendar for all blog posts Choose topics based on what customers care about most
  • Use keywords strategically throughout your post or article
  • Optimize images by adding captions or including alt tags when uploading them
  • Make sure headlines are short and catchy so people will want to read more info below the title
  • Ensure links in your posts are working -Use a call to action at the end of each post
  • Don’t be afraid to test different types of content for your audience, such as video or infographics.
  • Create headlines that get people’s attention: People love stories with a beginning, middle and end. Make sure your headlines follow this format to make them more engaging for readers.
  • Make each post shareable: By adding social sharing buttons on the top right of every blog post (and throughout) you are providing an easy way for people reading it to like, tweet or +this content with only a click of the button.
  • Optimize images by adding captions or including alt tags when uploading them to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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