Comedy in content marketing: tips and tricks for bringing humor to your brand

If you’re like me, your day starts with a cup of coffee and a comedy show. What better way to start the morning than by laughing? Today, comedy in content marketing has proved critical!

Humor is an under-utilized tool in content marketing that can help break through the clutter of information that surrounds us every day.

Comedy in Content Marketing Tips and Tricks for Bringing Humor to Your Brand

If you want to get more noticed on social media or attract new customers, then it’s time to take advantage of this overlooked strategy!

Three tips for adding more comedy into every day of the working week:

– Get Creative –

Comedy comes in all shapes and sizes, so think about how you can incorporate it into your brand’s strategy. You can make your content humorous with a funny video or meme, to fit your target audience.

– Be Authentic –

If you’re not naturally witty, don’t try to force it! Adding humor should be genuine and organic.

If your target audience notices that something is forced then they’ll lose interest in what you have to say quickly. Remember that there’s no point adding comedy elements if they distract from the core of your message and brand personality.

– Practice Makes Perfect –

Many brands and individuals get nervous about sharing their comedic talents because of fear of sounding stupid. However, by putting yourself out there, practicing more and getting feedback will help build confidence which will benefit everyone involved with creating funny stuff that will make people laugh through content marketing efforts.

Comedy in Content Marketing Tips and Tricks for Bringing Humor to Your Brand

Humor is Important to Your Brand’s Voice

The first step in adding brand humor to your brand and its content, is finding out what makes you funny or unique. Think about how this applies to the type of business you own and people who work there?

If it’s a tech company, maybe they can make fun of their nerdy staff in their content. They can also make funny memes that are tech related.

If you are a restaurant, maybe your humor comes from people’s personal experiences at the eatery or being able to laugh with them about food-related topics?

If it is not obvious how your brand can be funny based on these criteria, your content or social media manager should research ways to create a humorous marketing message.

Comedy in Content Marketing Tips and Tricks for Bringing Humor to Your Brand

The other option is hiring a comedy writer. Nevertheless, here are some ideas for adding humor to different types of businesses:

– Retail companies: making fun of the products you sell, or how they are displayed (for example – a video on why your socks were always disappearing from their drawer)

– Tech/Startups: make comical references to other tech brands and startups that people may be familiar with. If it’s an Open Source company, poke fun at the fact that most of their products are free or open source.

– Restaurants: if you are a restaurant, make fun of the customers at your eatery – maybe they have some unusual requests or funny behaviors. Or just describe people in general who come to eat there and their personality types/habits.

The aim is that when readers watch these videos or read this content on social media, they will be drawn into it because they learn something new about your brand’s voice while enjoying themselves along the way!

Humor is a serious business and it can also help boost engagement with your audience by 25%. It makes them feel connected to you as a person rather than an authority figure behind a company page.

If someone likes your sense of humor, then chances are high that they will trust what you say more too (and vice versa).

Marketing experts agree that people like to buy from brands they know, like and trust. At the end of the day, there is no better way for someone to get to know your brand than through its content!

Injecting Humor in your Social Media Strategy

– Think about using humor in blog posts or even videos on YouTube – just make sure you are funny first before trying out these ideas with any piece of your content marketing strategy. The first step is to start brainstorming some funny concepts today !

Humor can be an effective tool for attracting more traffic if done correctly . People love seeing short clips or articles talking about something humorous because it grabs their attention quickly (as opposed to long drawn out monologues which tend to lose them). So try adding a little bit of humor in your content marketing efforts!

– If you are wondering why adding humor to the mix is important, try thinking about other brands you like. For example – Apple vs Microsoft .

They both make computers and use their own brand voice (personality) while doing so. Which do people think is more fun? More engaging? Don’t be afraid to add some laughter into your content either even if it’s not obvious at first!

Comedy in Content Marketing Tips and Tricks for Bringing Humor to Your Brand

A lot of companies can get away with using comedy because they know how to balance being funny without going overboard or trying too hard to garner attention from consumers. Make sure that any videos or blog posts have a point where someone learns something new , otherwise just stay clear of them altogether. It will only cause more harm than good for your brand.

Humor can be beneficial to marketing efforts because it allows a company or business to relate with its audience in an informal and relaxed setting, rather than the standard tone of most brands . This is something people appreciate about humor – they will always remember someone who made them laugh even if their message was short and sweet. It also gives you brand identity.

List of places where content marketers can look for inspiration on funny ideas

– Top comedies – movies and TV shows

– Pop culture events (popular music concerts/songs)

– Comedy Central specials

– Online comedy channels like College Humor or Funny or Die

– Jokes and one liners (memes) on social media

– Comedians who can sell out tours around the world – try to understand why they make people laugh by looking up their jokes online. They could be a good starting point for your brand’s own style of humor!

Writing with comedy in mind is a lot like writing in general – it is about creativity and putting your own spin on things. If you keep these basics in mind, creating content with humor will be easy as pie!

– Once you have the right idea down pat, try adding some fun to your blog posts or videos today.

Additionally, If someone has a funny story related to the business, ask them if you could write it for your blog or social media posts?

Using Humor in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The benefits of using comedy and jokes when you’re creating your company’s blog posts, social media updates , or other types of online content is that they tend to be more memorable than factual statements about the business itself.

People are also likely to share funny or entertaining things with their friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., so they can feel included in what everyone else finds amusing. This helps brands become part of popular culture without having to spend ad dollars for product placement within TV shows, movies etc.

Using jokes will also grab the attention of potential customers. If people find out there was a joke related to your brand while watching Game Of Thrones – then this could potentially lead them back towards interacting with your brand.

Comedy can be a great way to establish your company as an expert in its industry and also make it more human which helps people connect with the business on a deeper level. This type of content strategy emulates what many successful brands like Chipotle Mexican Grill and Red Bull do within their own campaigns (making fun of themselves, pop culture events etc.) by telling stories that go beyond the product itself.

The real value comes from connecting with others through funny topics – allowing them to feel included rather than ‘targeted’ towards buying something specific- this is where you’ll find long term benefits for your business .

Benefits of Using Humor in Content Marketing

#01: The most obvious reason to add humor to your brand is that it makes content more fun and interesting. A lot of information can be lost when you’re delivering a message, but with the addition of some good-natured humor, you’ll have people hanging onto every word!

This will help them understand what you need from them so they can convert or take action on whatever your call-to-action may be.

#02: Adding some lightheartedness about certain topics helps readers relate to one another while also making your brand seem approachable. Everyone loves being able to laugh at themselves sometimes!

#03: By adding comedy into your content marketing strategy through humorous blog posts for example or via social media updates/shares, you can help increase your brand’s online presence. Your audience will be ready to share your content because it makes them laugh and that means more visibility for your company!

#04: Funny content is also an excellent way to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry. This helps generate more leads and sales for your business by giving people something they can’t find anywhere else.

#05: Grab attention by writing about topics that are trending on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. You can use your brand’s voice to add some fun into these hot topics which will help you get more views on your content.


Although there are some definite benefits of adding humor into marketing strategy, this tactic does come with a few considerations as well.

First off, although comedy is often associated with brands like Buzzfeed or College Humor (whose videos bring in millions of views), using this type of humor may not work for every business model.

A great example is, if you’re selling heavy machinery equipment then maybe creating funny-videos about how to use the machines isn’t going to fly. You might want something lighter on the subject matter.

You also don’t want people thinking that your brand is all fun and games. You want to make sure that business-related information like product features, industry news, or customer testimonials are included as well so people know you’re serious about what it is you do.

As long as you keep these cautions in mind when adding comedy into your content marketing then I’m confident that the benefits will outweigh the risks!

Comedic timing and delivery is important. Make it short and snappy: The shorter the better. People’s attention spans are getting smaller by the day, so make sure you’re not wasting their time.

Marketing noise and clutter make it increasingly more difficult for brands to be heard and seen.

-Making people laugh: A lot of companies are taking a comical approach to marketing, and it’s working. Brands are leveraging the power of comedy by making people laugh with them rather than at them.

Types of humor to start with for content marketers

Snarky humor

This type of comedy is all about sarcasm and wit. It can be great for making fun of something in a light-hearted manner, such as the email marketing industry or your competition’s products. However, it can also come across as insulting to some audiences so avoid using this if you know that your audience will find it offensive.

self deprecating humor

This is a great type of humor for content marketing because it helps position the business as an expert and makes you seem more human at the same time. It’s all about poking fun at yourself and it can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, you could joke about your product’s flaws or something that went wrong in an industry event you attended.


This type of comedy takes an existing concept and changes the context, making fun of what’s already there by exaggerating everything to extremes or completely reinterpreting things in a silly way.


This type of comedy is all about physicality and absurd situations. A perfect example is in shows like Family Guy, which can sometimes be too much for brand audiences to relate with or enjoy. However, if your audience enjoys this type of humor then by all means use it!

Physical Comedy –

This type of comedy involves the body’s motions through practical jokes, pratfalls, falls, kicks and punches. It should only really be used when you are sure that your target market will find these things funny because they don’t go well on video unless done right.

Impersonation – This type of comedy takes a popular character and changes their context, such as turning the Grinch into an over-the-top bingo player. It can be great for making fun of something or someone that people already love to hate (like Donald Trump).

Examples of brands using humor in their content marketing strategy

Brands that use humor in their content marketing strategy is not limited to television and movies; there are several brands who also enjoy the benefits of adding comedy into their articles.

The following companies use humor in some aspect:

– Zazzle (humor)

Zazzle has a dedicated section on its website for funny products, such as novelty t-shirts and gifts with humorous sayings. On this page, they feature comedic items from various other websites so customers can find these items easily no matter where it came from originally. This helps people looking for jokes or comics by providing them an easy way to shop through thousands of styles while still being able to find the things they are looking for.

– Disney (humor)

The Walt Disney Company is best known for their animated movies and funny shows, but did you know that this brand also has a dedicated section of comics on their website? They feature some of the world’s most famous comic artists by featuring their work in an online gallery where anyone can view it at no cost to them. Having these cartoons available to people all over the world helps increase awareness about certain topics while increasing revenue through advertisements placed throughout the site. This form of content marketing gives fans something fun and entertaining to read while still allowing others to learn more about different areas without having any extra demands or responsibilities put onto them; everyone wins!

– McDonalds Corporation (humor)

While many people know McDonald’s Corporation for their tasty burgers and fries, they also have a section on their website dedicated to Minions. Yes, you read that correctly: the Despicable Me characters are now part of this brand in an effort to add some fun into content marketing efforts. The Minion-themed pages allow customers to create custom products with the crazy creatures from the movies by adding them onto various items such as mugs or t-shirts. These pages give fans everything they need so people can easily find something related to “Minion” while promoting one of Disney’s most popular films ever made!

These brands all understand how important it is to incorporate humor in order to attract more attention towards your content marketing efforts. Even if you don’t necessarily have the budget to hire comedians or writers, there are several other ways for brands like these can make their content stand out from all of the others!

How to implement comedy into your blog posts, social media updates, or other types of online content

Comedic content works well with marketing because it adds levity to otherwise serious messages and this can help audiences relate better to your brand or message, as humor is something that everyone enjoys regardless of age or background.

By following these steps you will have no problem adding comedy into your Content Marketing Strategy!

The first step to adding humor into your brand is taking a stand on something. Whether you are advocating for an environmental cause, promoting literacy, or speaking out against sexual harassment in the work place; having a strong opinion about something will make it easy for audiences to understand your comedic style and why you want to use comedy as part of Content Marketing

Another way that brands expand their content marketing efforts by incorporating humorous elements ranges from utilizing memes and GIFs like Dos Equis (via GIPHY) to writing unique headlines such as “When You’re Asleep At The Wheel And Still Get A Smooth Ride… Sleep Well Tonight With Toyota!” which was used by Kia Motors America.

Wanting people’s attention is another aspect of successfully incorporating humor into your content marketing.

It can be difficult to get people’s attention nowadays because their feeds are flooded with so many different kinds of posts and updates that it can seem like they’re never going to pay any attention to yours. So the best way for you achieve this goal is through having a purpose behind what you say, as opposed to just wanting everyone’s eyes on your post; which will only result in diluted comedy! Also if you find yourself writing jokes or comedic bits for your brand make sure that there isn’t already something similar out there – otherwise audiences might think its too familiar and not take notice.

Lastly, keeping things short but sweet may help better connect audiences with your Content Marketing Strategy utilizing comedy.

You should never assume that your audience knows everything about you or has read all of the previous blog posts so it’s best to keep things short and simple, as this will increase engagement opportunities with people who are just getting familiar with your brand via social media! The last thing you want is for audiences to feel overwhelmed by a barrage of information when they’re trying to get their bearings straight on what it is that you do. So make sure that not only are your messages clear but also concise in order to avoid overwhelming readers!

Comedy in content marketing can be used quite effectively if followed these steps. Make sure not to overwhelm audiences with too much information at once.

Start experimenting with funny ideas!

Have you been ignoring humor when creating content? It is time you start experimenting with funny ideas.

-Try to keep your brand’s voice but add a bit of humor. People love when companies are relatable and funny, it is an important part in creating good content. Humor can be used in all different types of content including blog posts, images/videos on social media, etc., so there will always be room for you to try something new!

-Find what works best for your company and start focusing on implementing jokes and comedy into everything you do. There might even come a time where people expect some laughs from you which means they know they’ll find the right information with ease – leading to more leads and conversions!

It is time to take that one step of incorporating humor, that is if you want to build your brand. And who doesn’t? If you do not have the man power to do so, reach out to us and our skilled and funny content creators will assist you. We have the best comedy writer in the content creation field.


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